Voting list for next season’s films now available

The film club committee have produced a list of films based on members’ recommendations.  We have  reduced the number of nominated films from over 60 to a more manageable number for you to vote on.

You are eligible to vote for next year’s films if you are a current member. Please download the voting form in pdf format by clicking here

The list of films from which you can choose is available in pdf format by clicking here .

Voting CLOSES on Wednesday 1st May, at our Social Evening and AGM

The method for choosing our Classic film is changing – see 2019 20 Members Favourite process .

1. Propose your favourite film by submitting a nomination on the form by clicking here
– If more than 5 proposals are received, then 5 will be drawn out of a “hat” to go forward.
2. Persuade the audience at the AGM to vote for your nominated film.
– Speak to the audience for up to 2 minutes in support of your choice,
3. Vote
– Immediately after the supporting speeches, a vote will be taken among all members present,
– The film with the highest number of votes will be screened.